The Dangers of Data Generation

While the possibility of being able to create every file humanity could ever want can be intriguing, it does also raise concerns.

We presently rely very much on photographic, and video evidence. Even though it is easy to edit photos and videos, doing so leaves evidence indicating it was altered. Data generation makes it possible to create content which has no such signs of manipulation. We live in an age where some people don't trust the moon landing was real, or that the Earth is round. Being able to generate fraudulent photographs, and videos with no signs of alteration will only make trust and belief more difficult.

Content creation is a huge industry. Everything from scientific research to film making. Data generation could replace traditional methods of content creation. No need to spend millions filming that movie when a computer cycling through combinations can create it at no cost beyond it's power bill. No need to conduct that first hand research when we a computer can make the discoveries for us, and all we have to do is verify what it spits out is accurate. This not only stands to affect our ability to think outside the box, but also the economy, during a period of adaption to new methods of content creation.

While there is much information available in the world for little or no cost. Content creation through data generation stands to further make obtaining content in easier and more affordable. This in turn will make it more difficult to regulate copyrighted materials, and dangerous content.

Of course, all of these dangers rely on major technological advances that have yet to occur. We're safe for now :).

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